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piątek, 22 października 2010


Tytuł z:

Mówi się, że najbardziej znanym na świecie znakiem firmowym jest symbol Coca-Coli. W tej chwili na drugą pozycję wyszła zapewne Nokia, łącząca nawet niepiśmiennych. Za mych szkolnych lat miejsce to zajmował i mocno trzymał czarno-biały nielot w pomarańczowej aureoli – Penguin. W tym roku „stuka” mu siedemdziesiątka
(artykuł był pisany w roku 2005 przyp. red.).


Denis Gonchar

Deer by *Goncharden on deviantART

Cat by *Goncharden on deviantART

Waiting for... by *Goncharden on deviantART


Luis Toledo



SHINJUKU SKYSCRAPER GENSO by ~tokyogenso on deviantART

NAKANO GENSO by ~tokyogenso on deviantART

SAKURAYA GENSO by ~tokyogenso on deviantART

HANEDA AIRPORT GENSO by ~tokyogenso on deviantART

Wayne Levin


Everybody loves cupcakes. We usually don't care so much about how they look, and often times they all look the same...

Flickr user lclllc takes cupcake design to a whole 'nother level. Each cupcake is its own individual character. Can you imagine how much time and painstaking effort this must take?


Otto Bjornik

Gaia's Wrath by *bjornik on deviantART

The Dichotomy of Man by *bjornik on deviantART

The Big Idea by *bjornik on deviantART

Steve Santana


Matthias Heiderich
White Noise is the latest project by the recently featured photographer Matthias Heiderich. The artist is renown on this website for his Color Berlin project. The simplicity in his work that triggers complex emotions is unique and extremely hard to replicate, if possible. He has inspired many photographers, from the young and mischievous to the ageing and slow. His latest project epitomizes the meaning behind the word minimalist.


Chris De Vincenzo


Le passage. by *DanielPeron on deviantART

No Future by *llovet on deviantART

horse2 by ~romio900 on deviantART

What Lies Within by *um0p3pisdn on deviantART

Beware of the friendly bomber by `beaucoupzero on deviantART

red sea by *tatitati on deviantART

Pansy by *aruarian-dancer on deviantART

Under Construction by *HalTenny on deviantART

Moulin Rouge by ~Canxerio on deviantART

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