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niedziela, 4 kwietnia 2010

"Someday You'll Be Sorry"

Oficjalnie wprowadzam nowa świecką tradycję na tym blogu.
Jeśli podczas pisania nowych postów nie będę miał pomysłu na sensowny tytuł (99,9% sytuacji) to będę posługiwał się randomowymi tytułami piosenek randowoych wykonawców z mojej foobar'owej playlisty.
Dziesiejszy tytuł zawdzięczamy Louis'owi Armstrong'owi.
Miłej zabawy!



60 Beautiful Oriental Style Artworks

Jonathan Haggard

więcej prac + wywiad

Warwick Saint
South African photographer Warwick Saint captures the raw, counter-culture sexuality of his models, while maintaining a refined sense of style that is equally classy. Even if you're not into tattoos, you have to admit - these photos are totally mesmerizing.

Born in 1972, Warwick left South Africa for London after getting his bachelors in Art and Philosophy. He now lives in Brooklyn and works between London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.


Attila Szamosi Illustrations 2009

Zoey Hardwick




Chris Fortuna
As his camera dives deep into the eyes of his beautiful models, it's almost as if photographer Chris Fortuna looks into their souls.

I'm especially impressed with how versatile he is with his camera - Some of his shots are taken indoor, while others are staged on a sandy shore. Some are shot in classic black and white, while others maintain a great mixture of soft colors, shadows, and strong lines.

Chris Fortuna was born in Boston, Massachusetts and began photographing in his early teens. He studied fine art photography at New York University Tish School of the Arts. After living and working in New York City for much of his career, Chris recently relocated to Los Angeles. When not working on either coast, he can be found at the racetrack on his Ducati.


Image by Adrien Donot

Alcoholism by Mike Abbate

Image by Mehmet firat çimen

Gabriel Wickbold | Sexual Color
Sexual Color, by Brazilian Photographer Gabriel Wickbold is an exploration of Famous Sexy Brazilian Bodies. His process includes drenching his models in anything from Chocolate to Sand.


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