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sobota, 6 marca 2010

puf puf pas wypas

A dziś dla odmiany nic nie napisze na początku ;)


2010 . IT'S TIME TO.. by

Skeletor by Todd Slater

by am i collective

fishing trip by ~dimarinski on deviantART

The Sky Falls by `wroth on deviantART

Gluttony by ~Wrong-Code on deviantART

Every Man Dies Alone by ~aanoi on deviantART

traffic by =ladyrapid on deviantART

a swiss fuckin' watch by ~incogburo

Mishu Vass
professional female photographer, based in Romania.

typo/graphic posters

na tej stronie znajdziecie mnóstwo tego typu plakatów, polecam!

Robert de Jong
Hey my name is Robert de Jong.
I’m a 18 year old Graphic Student with an eye for quality.

125 Fantastics Black and White Photography @ Tutorart

Hengki Koentjoro
Henri is 24 y.o. photographer, based in Indonesia.


Richard Perez
Hi there, I'm Richard Perez. I am a graphic designer and illustrator located in San Francisco originally hailing from the suburbs of LA. And, no offense bay area, I got to say the Mexican food is a 'hella' lot better in Los Angeles. I fell in love with graphic design through old album covers and film posters and developing a passion to make stuff as a youngster. If you want more information about my work,are interested in working together, collaborating or just want to strike up some random conversation, I could be reached at info(at)

Juan Rodrigo



Stereotype Packaging by

Soon Tong


Karan Singh / Wake Up Mr. Singh

Yusaku Kamekura

Daniela Edburg


Mikael Raymond


Marcin Stawiarz


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